Advanced course

Learn in 6 lesson the differences between a technical good photo and a great photo!
In the basics course you learn how you can make a technical good photo, but a great photo needs more than only technique. In the advanced course you learn to look as a photographer, to give your photos that little extra.

You learn:
–   Why one photo is so much better than another photo.
To look in a different, more critical way, at your own photos
Some advanced photography techniques
The basics from studio photography
–   Editing your photos
To build your own portfolio

For who?
The advanced course starts at the point where the basics course ends. If you haven’t followed the basics course, but you do know how to photographe completely manual, you can easily start the course here.

What does the course look like?
The course is given by experience Cycloop members, beside theory we practice a lot as well. After each lesson, you get an excercise that you can do in the week following. At the beginning of the next lesson, these photos will be reviewed in class. There will be one practical lesson as well, where you can get feedback and help from the teachers straight away.

Place and time
Normally the course is taught on Tuesday night from 19:30-21:30 for 6 weeks long. It takes place somewhere on the campus and the exact location will be given shortly before the course starts.

The next advanced course
The next advanced course will unfortunately not take place in the future.
However, the RSC-course will take place on the following dates: 9th, 16th, 23th and 30th of January, 6th, 13th and 27th of February.

Price and signing up
With  package 1, you automatically become a member from the Cycloop!* If you already are a member, you can choose package 2.

Package 1:
Cycloop membership and course
Price €42,50

Package 2:
Course only
Price: €30,00

Click here to sign up (package 1 and 2)

*To become a Cycloop member you have to be a student from the HAN or the RU (or another university or academy in the Netherlands). As a member you don’t have any obligations, but you do get a lot of extras!

Are you already enrolled in the course? You can find the course member page here