If you are a new student and you have an interest in photography, we are the association for you. At “De Cycloop” we offer courses, workshops, photography-related as well as social activities and more. You can borrow equipement, learn how to develop analog photos in our dark room and make photography your part-time job with the many assignments that are offered to us. You can learn how to use your first ever camera at one of our courses and learn more about it during the socials while talking to the more experienced photographers.

Courses (beginner and advanced)

In the beginners-course you will become a master of the basics and learn to handle your camera manually. In the advanced course you will learn the difference between an ok photo and a great photo. You will learn things about composition, color, lighting, etc. You will also learn how the take pictures with external flashes.Both courses are given in Dutch. They will take place on tuesday evenings and if you want to sign up you can do so at our website. If you want to follow a course you also have to become a member.

You can sign up here

Open activity

On the 10th of September there will be an open activity. Here, you can see if this is the right place for you. We will first get to know each other at the “waalstrandje” over a nice evening picknick (20.00). Afterwards we will take photos with burning steel wool. Bring your camera and try out this cool trick! If you don’t have a camera (yet) you can still come along and meet us.

Win a course!

If you don’t want to become a member just yet, but you are interested in maybe joining the photography association, you can leave your email on this list and we will contact you once(!) with extra information.

From all the people on this list, as well as the students becoming a member during the introduction week, we will draw a name who wins a course of choice at the Cyloop! If you win this course, you don’t have to be a member unless you decide to stay with the association and participate in more activities.

At the Cycloop, you will be able to join many activities. This ranges from a whole weekend away with the association to a random morning walk at sunrise. Besides photography related activities there are also activities like bowling, bake-a-cake competitions, poolen or diner rouler. You can even organize them yourself by joining our committees! During the covid-19 outbreack we have limited our in-person activities, but that does not stop us from having fun and learning a lot. Besides online movie nights, an online pubquiz and online courses, we have also had an online exhibition. Curious how this might look? Click on the link below.If you have more questions for us we are more than happy to answer them on You can also reach us via Facebook or Instagram (@de_cycloop).

To give one more impression, here is a video we made in collaboration with Green Office Nijmegen. Watch this if you want some tips about nature photography!