Push notitifications

The Cycloop website uses push notitifications, if and only if the user gives their permission.

What are push notifications?
Push notifications are messages the website can send to users. They don’t have to have their browser open to recieve such notifiactions. This way we can allert members of upcomming events. Unfortunalty, iOS browsers currently don’t suport this feature.

How does it work?
By clicking the bel icon in the bottom right corner, you can subscribe to the push notifications. If you don’t press that button, we won’t save any of your data. As soon as you are subscribed, we can send you a message by using a third-party pluging (OneSignal). You recieve a messaga on your desktop (pc or mac) or android phone regardless if you have your browser open.

To send push notifications the plugin needs to save particular (techical) data, including but not limitit to your IP-adress. This plugin also collects data to improve the user experience.
“Licensee acknowledges and agrees that the SDK enables Licensee to collect certain information from end users (“End Users”) of the SDK’s functionality (collectively, “SDK Information”), which generally helps provide developers with functionality to target and personalize the notifications they send to end users. This data collected includes: End Users’ mobile advertising identifiers, such as Apple IDFAs and Android Advertising identifiers; End Users’ email addresses, End Users’ IP address, device push token, precise location (e.g., GPS-level) data, network information, language, time zone, product preferences, and privacy preferences.”
They can also sell this information for a proffit. See the Terms of Service of OneSignal for more information. (link at the bottom of this page)
The Cycloop won’t use this information unless it is nessesary for sending the notifications.

More information?
The following links provide more information about push notifications:
What are push notifications here.
One Signal Terms of use here.
What documentation we used here.